Our Services:

Whether you’re a start-up, growing company, well established player or investor, reach out to us for an introductory meeting so we can define a clear plan for your project.

Technology development
  • Process technology guidance: selection and optimization of Upstream and Downstream processes
  • Scale-up strategy development: from process design to project management

  • Conceptual Design for Pilot and Demonstration plants: mass and energy balances, BFDs, PFDs, equipment specification
  • Piloting & Contract Manufacturing scouting: Insight and assitance into selection of partners for scale-up or contract manufacturing in the Americas, Europe & APAC.

Engineering project SUPPORT
  • Capital cost estimates: for commercial, demo & pilot scale facilities, across various products & markets
  • PMC: Interface to engineering companies for delivery of complex projects
  • Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA): COGS calculation and sensitivity analysis to support business cases

  • Technology & Assets Scounting: Leveraging investment opportunities with regards to IP and/or existing manufacturing assets
  • Technical Due Diligence: Detailed technology assessment to support Investor decision making